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Scream Queen Competition - Rules and Information


Prepare to shake the stage with your spine-chilling scream at TerrorFest's Scream Queen Competition. Here's your chance to showcase your talent and walk away with the coveted Scream Queen title! 




Winner gets a $100 gift card, Trophy, and Life-time admission to all TerrorFest Events.


Sign Up


Sign up is at the event. Check the schedule for times. If the schedule is not yet posted here on the website, it will be. Check back often and make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter.


The Competition Process


1. Taking the Stage: As a contestant, you will be invited up onto the stage to perform your best horror-filled scream. 


2. Performance: Once on stage, let loose your most terrifying scream! We're looking for both volume and sheer terror-factor. 


3. Photography:  As you give your performance, our professional photographer will capture the intensity of your scream. This image will immortalize your performance and allow the world to experience the chill of your scream. 


Key Rules


1. Each contestant will be allowed one scream on stage. Make sure to make it count!


2. Only screams performed on the stage will be considered for the competition. No pre-recorded screams are allowed. 


3. The judges' decision will be final and binding. 


Additional Information


The photo captured during your scream performance will be shared on our Instagram handle @terrorfest_tx to commemorate your participation. 


By entering the competition, you give TerrorFest permission to use your image on our social media channels.

Come on over, summon your inner Scream Queen, and let your shriek rule the stage!

If you have any questions send us a message and we’ll get back with you in a timely manner!

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