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🎨 Calling All Artists in Conroe & Surrounding Areas! 🎨


This year, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration between **TerrorFest** & **Artist In Arms** for an extraordinary event: a **Live Art Show & Auction** aimed at raising funds for Veterans!


**Why?** 🎗️ Veterans naturally serve and protect their communities. Through art, they can channel their creativity, enhancing mental health, and reflecting personal growth.


**What’s Happening?** 🖼️ 

- A unique live art show and auction for community projects.

- Opportunities for artists to contribute to a greater cause.

- A chance to showcase your talent, sell your art, and engage with like-minded individuals.


**Special Perk!** 🌟 Participate in this fantastic initiative, and you'll get FREE table space if you're a veteran. For others, entry and table space is just a discounted fee of **$50** for the whole weekend. The fee goes to the Artist In Arms Charity. Plus, all participants get to keep **100% of their sales** so bring your prints and original art! Table space is 4ft in a tented area hosted by Artist In Arms. Small banners and signage are okay, but must not encroach on neighboring artists.


**How to Join?** ✏️

If you're an artist eager to make an impact, apply for the Live Art Show & Auction by filling out the form below.


**What’s the Catch?** 💰

The art created for the Live Art Show & Auction will be auctioned, and the proceeds go directly to the Artist In Arms Charity. If you would like to learn more about Artists In Arms, please visit:


**Hurry!** ⏰ Spots are limited, so apply now to be part of this incredible experience, where creativity meets community service. Let’s make art not just a passion but a force for good!

Order Form

Place your order now for only $50!

*If you are a veteran & interested in a comped space, please send us an email to with your name, phone number, and upload a pic of your military I.D.


Thanks you for signing up with Artist In Arms!

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